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If these documents have been attached to a Form 3520-A or Form 3520 filed within the previous 3 years attach only relevant updates. If No to the best of your ability complete and attach a substitute Form 3520-A for the foreign trust. If these documents have been attached to a Form 3520 filed within the previous 3 years attach only relevant updates. You are a U.S. person who during the current tax year received certain gifts or bequests from a foreign person. Complete all applicable Name of...
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Who Needs IRS Form 3520?

Every U.S. citizen who owns a foreign trust or received a gift from a foreigner should file Form 3520. This document is also required for:

  • Trust owners
  • Trust distribution recipients
  • Person who received a gift from foreigners
  • Gift recipients from foreign corporations

What is IRS Form 3520 for?

Form 3520 is used to report transactions with foreign trusts and gifts that a US person has received from foreigners or foreign corporations during the current tax year. An important fact is that each foreign transaction with a trust should be reported on a separate Form 3520.

Is IRS Form 3520 Accompanied by other Forms?

Form 3520 isn’t accompanied by other documents. But it has a number of obligatory attachments. The full list of attachments can be found on the IRS website. There is also an opportunity for two transferors of the same trust to file a joint Form 3520.

When is IRS Form 3520 Due?

Form 3520 is filed simultaneously with an individual income tax return. If the form is filed on behalf of a decedent then its due date is the same as the due date of Form 706. All the time extensions are included in the deadlines.

How do I Fill out IRS Form 3520?

Form 3520 is a six-page document that comprises five parts and some schedules. The minimum amount of information that has to be provided in the form is:

  • The filer’s identification information, address, Identification number
  • Transfers to foreign trusts
  • Distributions from a foreign trust
  • Owner of the foreign trust
  • Etc.

Every part contains some fields. There is an explanation for each field.

Where do I Send IRS Form 3520?

Once the form is completed, it is sent to the IRS.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing form 3520
Instructions and Help about irs 3520 form
Good afternoon this is Sean Golding with Golding and golden here to discuss IRS Form 35:20 and how to report gifts inheritance and certain trust transactions from a foreign person so to begin form 35:20 is a very important form the reason for that is because unlike many of the other forms the penalties for not filing form 3520 are wild if someone is an individual for example they receive a gift of a million dollars from their parents they don't file the form they could be looking at a quarter million dollar penalty even though they have no unreported income no f bar no FAC and nothing like that so form 3520 is required for u.s. persons who receive a gift or certain trust transactions with a foreign person foreign trust one very important aspect of that is it doesn't have to be foreign property, but it has to be from a foreign person so for example if a foreign person was to gift a half a million dollars to a US person inform 35:20 would be required whether that money is already in the US or outside the US is not necessarily a deciding factor so form...
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